Dr. James C. Spaulding

Chiropractor - Edinboro, Pa.

D.C., C.M.E.
106 Waterford Street • Edinboro Pa 16412 • Send E-Mail
Phone: (814) 734-3422
Patient Testimonials
"I am a pretty active guy, both with sports and maintaining our property. A few years ago, my chronic lower back pain was worsening and to the point where I started to plan on how I could reduce my activities and the upkeep on the old homestead. Over an 18-month period, friends referred me to two different chiropractors, both to no avail. I was convinced I would have to learn to live with the limitations this chronic lower back pain was causing. I decided to try one more time, and went to visit Dr. Spaulding. I followed his treatment recommendations, and relief was quick. I soon "graduated" to a maintenance visit plan, and while growing older by the day, I have not had to limit any of my activities.
I also recommended Dr. Spaulding to a good friend of mine, and he has had similar results! I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Spaulding
John S., Edinboro, Pa.
"I believe in chiropractic care. I would much rather come for an adjustment than suffer in pain thinking that it will just go away. I want to enjoy my day and feel at my best. No need to suffer through it. I just pick up the phone and call. They get me in right away and I can get on with my day easier than if I prolonged it. Tell them OMAR sent you."
Bill, Venango, Pa.
"I've been to other chiropractors, but Dr. Spaulding far exceeds them all. He knows just what to do to help me out of my jam. I love the Activator Method. It works for me! I am satisfied and happy. I never feel pressured. He is sincere and cares about me. He wants me to feel better and I always do. Thanks Dr. Spaulding!"
Ruthie, Meadville, Pa.
"I saw Dr. Spaulding throughout my pregnancy and even post partum. It helped my body prepare for and recover from the labor and delivery. It's safe and effective. I would recommend chiropractic care to any mother-to-be."
Angelina, Cochranton, Pa.
"I lift weights and from time to time I need an adjustment to keep me in-line and at my prime."
Alan, Edinboro, Pa.
"We've been patients of Dr. Spaulding for over 25 years."
Kathy & John, Edinboro, Pa.