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Dr. Spaulding's Work-Out Program
- Exercises for a healthy back -
Two different workout sessions:

1. Interval Training – an aerobic session on the stationary bike, treadmill or elliptical machine twice weekly. You are doing High intensity “bursts” of 30-40 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of low intensity, followed by another “burst” of 30-40 seconds, etc. Do 6-8 high-intensity “bursts” followed by as many slow and low intensity cool-downs of 60 seconds each. More is not better! Do not do 2 interval training sessions in a row, and make sure that there is at least 48 hours between interval sessions.

2. Resistance Strength Training – sessions on the resistance weight or resistance cable machines, twice weekly, between interval training sessions. You are again doing a High intensity and low volume workout on alternate days of your interval training. You will be doing 3 or 4 machines each session. Determine what weight you can just barely “lift” (at each machine) and use a weight limit that is 70% of that maximum lift. (example: You can just lift 100 lbs. on the arm (bicep) flexion machine; 70% would be 70 lbs.) Use 70 lbs. on that machine as your weight. Do slow concentric movement (flexion) 1 second for each 25 degrees in the full arc. (Example: arm flexion is approximately 100 degrees. At 1 second per 25 degrees in the arc it should take a full 4 seconds.) The eccentric (arm extension back to where you started) movement is a little faster. Then…repeat, until you just can accomplish that last repetition (probably 6-10 reps). Move to the next machine.

Let me know if you are having difficulty with the instructions.

Interval Training - Twice Weekly

- do a 2-3 minute “warm-up” of low-intensity exercise

____ seconds of high intensity “bursts”, followed by 60 seconds of low intensity exercise, 6-8 repetitions

To determine how many repetitions to do, check your pulse-rate at the end of each rep. You will see a pattern of recovery with a few points. When your pulse does not recover within the established pattern, you are done. Make that your last rep.

30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 79
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 81
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 82
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 85
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 87
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 89
30-60 second burst
60-second slow down
pulse rate of 98*
* out of the established pattern - you're done
Do a 2 to 3 minute "cool-down" at low intensity
Resistance Weight Training Twice Weekly Sessions

I am suggesting starting out working with 6 machines or cable exercises each week.

Do 3 one day, and 3 another.

Day 1: Do the following:

• Chest Press (Pecs)
• Leg Extensions (Quadriceps)
• Triceps

Day 2: Do the following:

• Lat Pulldowns
• Leg Curls (Hamstrings)
• Biceps

Important things to remember:

Plan your exercise sessions within 4 hours of a meal. Do not exercise before breakfast especially. You need the fuel for the workout.

Do not exercise when you are sick, especially if you have a fever. Illness promotes an inflammatory response in your body. You are more vulnerable to do damage during a time when your immune system is working overtime.

MORE IS NOT BETTER! I cannot emphasize this enough. It is our nature to believe that if a little is good, a lot is better. This is not true with this exercise program’s philosophy (high-intensity, short-duration, low-volume workouts). Resist the urge to do one, or both, of the interval training or resistance strength training sessions more often in the week.

Stick with this program consistently for 90 days and prove to yourself that it works! Lack of commitment to either consistency or the long-term will sabotage your success and discourage you.

Talk to Dr. Spaulding about your questions, fears, frustrations and successes. I want to help you be successful at this important health plan, so…check in with me from time to time.

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